Running a game at 120Hz has several advantages.

It makes the visuals smoother, reducing blur and making fast movements look better.

This helps in fast-paced games, giving players a competitive edge.

Once you make the jump to 120 FPS, it’s hard to go back to the standard 60.

I’m going to teach you how to get performance mode on Xbox Series S & X, so you don’t have to game at 60FPS ever again

How To Activate Performance Mode On Xbox Series S & X.

Xbox Performance Mode TV & Display options


To be able to enable performance mode you will need an Xbox Series S and a 120Hz monitor.

For Auto HDR you’ll also need a TV or monitor that supports HDR10. This will make past-gen games look brighter and better overall.

Make sure your system is up to date:

  1. Turn your Xbox on and make sure it’s connected to the internet
  2. Navigate to system settings & select the system tab
  3. Select Console Info & Updates
  4. Make sure the console is up to date. If not, install the latest update.
  5. Once installed, go back to the general settings page

Activate Performance Mode:

  1. From the General Settings Tab, select TV & Display options
  2. Navigate to the video modes tab
  3. Find the performance mode option and enable it.
  4. Return to the main menu and start gaming!

Enable Auto HDR

Providing your monitor also supports HDR, you should enable Auto HDR for better looking games. Not every game is compatible and some you’ll have to setup via the compatibility options.

Xbox Performance Mode FAQs

Here are a handful of the most frequently asked questions about the Xbox Performance Mode.

Performance Mode or Quality?

Some games are better at a higher frame rate, others are more enjoyable with higher quality settings. This is a decision you may have to make when enabling performance mode.

To be able to run a game at 120 FPS, some quality settings are going to have to be decreased. This is just part of the game.

As a result, you need to consider whether or not the game will actually benefit from being ran at 120 FPS.

Is it a competitive, fast paced game? or is it a solo RPG? You may find performance mode is better for games like FIFA or Call Of Duty, while it’s better to have quality in assassins creed or elder scrolls.

Assess each game, try them in both modes and see what works.

Do all Xbox games support performance mode?

Not all games support performance mode or HDR. You can find them in the compatibility option on your console, or check out this windows central article.

Can you switch to performance mode in game?

Unfortunately, you cannot switch between modes in game.

To switch to performance mode you need to close the game and go to the settings menu as listed above in the article.

Does Performance Mode Require more wattage?

As far as I’m aware, there are no significant differences in power draw. Microsoft would have a prompt menu if so.

How to turn performance mode on fortnite xbox

Turning performance mode on in Fortnite is exactly the same as the method I listed in this article. All you need is a 120 FPS monitor and to follow the steps listed above.