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Best Football Games For Low End PCs

football games for low end PCs

As a football fan myself, I’m all too familiar with football games, especially on PC. Up until recently, the PC requirements for football games has not been too demanding. However, since EA introduced the Ignite (FIFA 15) &…

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Best Game Consoles For Fitness [2021]

best games console for exercising

There are many reasons why you’d want to work out at home. It could be due to recent world events or maybe you’re shy to work out around others. Whatever is stopping you, I’ve got the perfect answer….

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How Much Is A PS3 Worth In 2021?

How much is a ps3 worth in 2020?

Knowing how much a PS3 is worth today, in 2020, will help to prevent you from being ripped off. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or selling, you should always do your research into the value of an…

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Are All Fat PS3s Backwards Compatible?

FAT PS3 Backwards Compatible

Have you ever wanted to go back and play the original God Of War? Burnout 3 Takedown? NFS Underground 2? or maybe even GTA Vice City? If you have, all of that is possible when you have the…

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5 Reasons To Switch From A Laptop To A Desktop PC

Switch from a laptop to a desktop pc

With the work from home culture being adopted worldwide, it’s probably time you start thinking about a setup for when you’re at home. It’s true that laptops offer a level of functionality that desktop PCs cannot, but it’s…

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Where To Put Your Computer Tower And The Reasons Why!

Where to put your PC tower

Planning your setup is a fan part of building a workspace or gaming area. Part of that is deciding where to put your computer tower. While they are called “Desktop” PC’s, it’s not always possible to put your…

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Best DDR4 Ram For Gaming

Best DDR4 Memory For Gaming

What kind of gamer are you if you’re not always looking to improve your PCs performance? Probably a console gamer, ha. Having the Best DDR4 Ram in your PC will improve your gaming experience, as well as general…

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Best Custom PC Cables For Clean Cable Management

Best Custom PC Cables

What’s the point in investing 100’s, if not 1000’s of dollars into a build only to have it look like shit? Just because PC cables don’t necessarily improve performance, doesn’t mean they’re not worth investing in. Having custom…

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7 Best Laptops With MX150 Graphics Card

Laptops With MX150 Graphics Cards

Most people wouldn’t dream of playing video games on a laptop, let alone a budget or mid-range one. The MX150 is a graphics card that is used mostly in laptops priced between $500-$1000. It’s not going to turn…

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The Best AM3 / AM3+ CPUs [2021 Buyers Guide]

Best AM3 & AM3+ CPUs

Just because you can’t afford the latest and greatest, doesn’t mean you should miss out. While AM3 Processors were initially launched in February 2009, some of them still provide solid computing power. This is especially true for AM3+…

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